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Better patient engagement as a game-changer in crisis and beyond



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Healthcare and life sciences organizations are focused on improving health outcomes and driving efficiencies, but many still depend on disparate, legacy systems that obscure a 360-view of the healthcare consumer, hindering collaboration, and innovation.

Discover how Salesforce platform becomes a source of truth for Pharmaceutical organizations, improves visibility into the entire health journey, enabling personalized interactions that strengthen relationships and build trust with customers, whether they’re patients, members, providers, or partners.

Examine how to drive operational efficiencies, reduce waste, better manage relationships with pharmacies and healthcare providers, boost Sales Teams productivity through tools like Salesforce Maps and Ivy Mobility App, and drive extraordinary patient engagement thanks to 360-degree view, automation capabilities, and Knowledge Base.

Join this webinar to explore:

  • How Salesforce can impact Sales Reps productivity and Sales efficiency?
  • How the remote and mobile tools can help your Reps to remain productive?
  • How to organize in-store execution and contracts fulfillment with minimal peoples contact?
  • How to increase Patient Engagement by monitoring Adverse Events, Complaints, Medical Questions at every touch-point with full compliance with Pharmacy Laws and GDPR?
  • Sii's case-study that showcase how Patient's portal significantly improved the patient experience, engaging with a digital experience, and providing patient-centered communication and care.

Meet the Speakers:

Wojciech Drescher is the Head of Healthcare Industry in Sii. He has supported sales processes at Sii for almost 7 years. Established cooperation with dozens of international clients and managed the partnerships with healthcare & life science customers at the organization, bringing new quality to the projects from the sector. Responsible for over 30 customers, over 500 FTE within the industry.

Michal Kałużny is a Salesforce Consultant at Salesforce Competency Center in Sii Poland, associated with the Healthcare Industry for over 4 years. He delivered projects for leading Pharmaceutical companies to help in Sales empowerment and omnichannel Service excellence. Certified Solution Engineer, member of the Salesforce Cloud Futura Program. Enthusiast of the Salesforce platform and passionate about solving problems using cloud solutions.

Anna Rębelska is Salesforce enthusiast with more than 12 years of professional experience in technology companies. As a business development manager, head of sales, and product marketing strategist. Specialized in applications: CRM, ERP, HCM and SaaS solutions. Currently at the Salesforce Competence Center in Sii Poland, responsible for business development and cooperation with various companies including leading Healthcare & Life Science sector leaders.